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You think Japan was unprepared for an earthquake, take a look at California

By Victoria Schlesinger

Newsweek magazine’s feature story about the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant hazards facing California, titled “How to Save California,” does not actually discuss solutions, but does give a good overview of the problems and the state’s lack of preparedness for a catastrophe like Japan’s. The open glimmer of good news is an earthquake...
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Some San Francisco neighborhoods vulnerable to tsunamis

By Alison Hawkes

How would San Francisco fare if a major tsunami hit? The topic has been well covered since 51 tsunamis have hit the San Francisco Bay since 1850, nine originating from Alaska. Fortunately no deaths happened as a result. Ocean Beach is at the top of the city’s list of tsunami hot spots. Check out...
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Little chance of radiation reaching Bay Area, officials say

By Victoria Schlesinger

As the world watches the catastrophe caused by a massive earthquake in Japan unfold, Bay residents are also worried that radiation from four debilitated nuclear plants could drift over the Pacific and impact the region. Officials maintain that such a risk is very small and while they are monitoring the situation, they’ve been given...
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A california life lost to tsunami and damage in Bay Area

By Victoria Schlesinger

A young man was swept away from the bank of the Klamath River by Friday’s tsunami and is presumed dead, making him the first California death from a tsunami in more than 40 years.  Around the Bay Area, 18 boats sank in the Santa Cruz Harbor, which is expected to remain closed for the...
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A Japan update on KQED’s forum

By Victoria Schlesinger

KQED’s Forum will discuss the relief effort underway in Japan. Among the panel of guests are Brad Alexander, spokesman for the California Emergency Management Agency, and Ross Stein, geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park. 
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Great list of ways to help in Japan

By Victoria Schlesinger

Oakland Local has compiled a list of local and national organizations providing relief funds to people in Japan effected by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant meltdowns. If you’re looking to help, check here.
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Tsunami wave will hit Bay Area at 8 a.m.

By Victoria Schlesinger

A foot tall wave generated by an 8.9 earthquake in Japan is expected to hit the Bay Area coastline at around 8 a.m. this morning, according to Mayor Ed Lee. Coastal beaches in San Francisco are closed as is the Great Highway. Because the wave will arrive at low tide, no evacuation of low-lying...
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