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Could the U.S. really have cut greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent?

By Victoria Schlesinger

The environmental online magazine, Grist, reports there is good-and-overlooked climate change news in our midst. Last month the EPA reported a 15 percent drop in U.S. greenhouse gas emissions over the past decade. That’s equal to, “More than the direct annual CO2 emissions from all fossil fuels consumed in homes, businesses, and industries in...
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Emails suggest Lennar and city hid asbestos contamination at Bay View

By Victoria Schlesinger

The Environmental Protection Agency and the San Francisco Department of Public Health are investigating damning emails exchanged between city officials and Lennar Corporation over asbestos-contaminated dust stirred up during construction at Bay View Hunters Point. One of the most controversial messages by a city official reads, “It seems to me that the available facts...
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Strawberry pesticide up for further debate

By Victoria Schlesinger

In response to public uproar in December over the California Department of Pesticide Regulation’s approval of the “strawberry pesticide” methyl iodide, the Environmental Protection Agency opened the subject for further review last week. The EPA will accept public comments about the controversial pesticide through April 30th. The department disregarded a recommendation from its own...
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Infinitesimal increase in Bay Area radiation detected in EPA’s publically available data

By Victoria Schlesinger
Infinitesimal increase in Bay Area radiation detected in EPA’s publically available data

As the public searches for answers about radiation from Japan’s growing nuclear crisis reaching the United States, they are turning to the Environmental Protection Agency’s RadNet Central Data Exchange, which makes nationwide radiation levels available multiple times a day. But the data requires expert interpretation and could further confuse and worry novices trying to...
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EPA to add more West Coast radiation monitors

By Victoria Schlesinger

The Environmental Protection Agency is adding more radiation monitors to its RadNet system along the West Coast following concern over Japan’s nuclear crisis, although officials will not reveal how many monitors or their location. The 124 monitors currently in the RadNet system track in real time the radiation levels in the air, drinking water,...
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EPA to add more radiation monitors along West Coast

By Victoria Schlesinger

The Environmental Protection Agency currently operates 12 radiation monitors in California and two in Hawaii, but announced yesterday that it will deploy an undisclosed number of additional monitors. The EPA’s silence on where and how many of the monitors will be added, riled the Sierra Club, which asked for more information. Public concern over...
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Dirty underbelly of renewable energy plants

By Alison Hawkes

Renewable energy, it turns out, can have a dirty underbelly. Two Central Valley biomass plants that burn agricultural waste to generate power were fined by the EPA for violating the Clean Air Act. The EPA says they emitted excessive levels of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide and were fined more than $800,000...
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Feds eyeing pollution in the Delta

By Alison Hawkes

The EPA is taking a closer look at water pollution in the Delta, which could result in new pesticide limits and restrictions on dredging and land grading. The Delta is the largest estuary on the West Coast of the Americans and collects pollution from a watershed the size of Florida. Central Valley farmers are...
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Superfund site in San Francisco proves toxic for Navy, neighbors

Superfund site in San Francisco proves toxic for Navy, neighbors

A year after the dissolution of the Restoration Advisory Board for Hunters Point Shipyard, the Navy says it will introduce a new community involvement plan that emphasizes diversity. The announcement follows the White House’s reconvened interagency effort on environmental justice, which held its first meeting under the Obama administration in September.
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French radiation organization says exposure risks are no longer negligible

Just as farmers markets are swinging into full bloom, there’s very disturbing news about radiation from Japan reaching new levels in Europe. And if...
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Super graph on normal and abnormal radiation exposures

Did you know that sleeping next to someone blitzes you with 0.05 millionth of a sievert of radiation per night? That eating a banana...
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UC Berkeley study: Using fear backfires on climate change

It’s been a point of maddening frustration for scientists and environmentalists that as the predictions on global warming grow more dire, the public seems...
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