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Climate change is making California coast cooler, rainer

By Alison Hawkes

Yearly rainfall has increased 6 percent in San Francisco over the last 30 years, a trend that matches climate change predictions. Inland, however, is heating up.
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Napa Valley wines impacted by climate change

By Alison Hawkes

A chilled California chardonnay may never taste as sweet as climate change continues to take its toll. Napa vintners complete four-year scientific study of rising temperatures.
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California needs massive overhaul to meet climate change goals

By Alison Hawkes

California has set ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It aims to reduce emissions by 80 percent below 1990 levels in the next 40 years. But a new report says it won’t meet those targets without a revolution in energy production and use. The independent California Council on Science and Technology says “aggressive...
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Climate change bringing in the sniffles

By Alison Hawkes

One of the more immediate — and mundane — side effects of climate change is allergies. A new study shows that the itchy eyes and runny noses are on the rise thanks to warmer temperatures, which is allowing allergens like ragweed and mold to thrive. Fungal spore growth apparently increases with carbon dioxide. California...
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Developer and business groups fight Bay Area climate adaptation plan

By Victoria Schlesinger

A group of the Bay Area’s largest developers and business groups appear to be mounting a campaign of opposition to a plan that helps the region adapt to rising sea levels. The Bay Plan’s drafters recently incorporated language into the draft from a state-wide climate adaptation strategy that would discourage development in areas prone...
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Sierra Club say CA climate bill lets polluters off the hook

By Victoria Schlesinger

In a recent letter to the California governor, the Sierra Club urged Brown to revise the law’s emission reduction incentives, particularly they want credits of the cap-and-trade system to come from within state lines. Also this week, an arm of the National Academy of Sciences released a climate change “action oriented” report called “America’s...
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Bay Area most prepared in nation for climate change

By Victoria Schlesinger

According to a new report by the National Center for Atmospheric Research, California cities are the most prepared nationwide to handle the changes wrought by global warming. The Bay Area, and specifically San Mateo County, are moving ahead with “vulnerability assessments,” putting them at the front of the pack on climate change adaptation in...
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Berkeley climate skeptic finds evidence of warming

By Alison Hawkes

A UC physicist who Congressional Republicans brought in last week to challenge the legitimacy of climate change made an unexpected assessment. Richard Muller, a longtime critic of climate studies whose research lab is funded in part by the Koch oil billionaires, said his review of temperate trends underlying climate science is “excellent …. We see...
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Environmentalists split over wildlife and solar

By Victoria Schlesinger

Mother Jones reporter Kiera Butler searches for desert tortoises in the Mojave Desert where huge solar projects are planned for construction later this year. She asks the question, “Could solar-energy projects destroy the very ecosystems they’re meant to save from climate change?”
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Joshua Tree National Park is losing its Joshua trees

By Victoria Schlesinger

A new study predicts that southern California’s iconic Joshua Trees will lose 90 percent of their range by 2100 thanks to climate change. Ecologists from the US Geological Survey say the southernmost trees will not withstand the new high temperatures and that because the tree only expands its range around 6 feet a year,...
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Builders cheer demise of California environmental law

Upon attending the West Coast Green events at the Moscone Center in San Francisco this week, I was thrilled to find out that Governor...
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Recycling carpets in California will save landfill space

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French radiation organization says exposure risks are no longer negligible

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