First day of Fall

By Victoria Schlesinger

Summer is officially over, and my favorite season, Fall, is here. I know that for some Bay Area newcomers the idea of a California autumn is laughable, if not imperceptible. But after (half) a lifetime of living around the Bay, I’m here to say, there are such things as seasons on the West Coast....
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Alameda Creek dam policies could decide the foothill yellow-legged frogs’ future

By Vanessa Thill, Bay Nature

Alameda Creek has a few claims to fame: It drains the second-largest watershed feeding San Francisco Bay. It covers a surprising variety of habitats from Sunol Wilderness through Niles Canyon all the way to the urban wilds of Fremont. And every year, determined activists try to help a few migrating steelhead trout find their...
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Stanford’s Struggle over Searsville Dam Removal: Have Your Say!

By Amos Hausman-Rogers, Bay Nature

A large steelhead trout makes its way to a gentle riffle in a sandy stream and deposits its milt over thousands of eggs. Cool water drifts by, draining to San Francisco Bay and then the ocean. Or maybe a 100-year flood hits a newly restored watershed. Brown, roiling waters flush the stream-course, inundating homes,...
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Tags: dams, Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, , San Francisquito Creek, Searsville, Searsville Lake, Stanford
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California black bear population at all time high

By Victoria Schlesinger

In an unusual reversal of most wildlife trends, the black bear population is at an all time high and occupies a greater range in California today than it did before the Gold Rush. At that time the state was home to both black bears and the California grizzly (Ursus californicus), which seemingly dominated every...
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Tahoe’s bear problem is a glimpse into the future

By Victoria Schlesinger

For almost a decade, friends and I have returned once every few years to a campsite along the Yuba River, not far from Grass Valley, and this year, for the first time, a bear visited us. According to Brent, who was woken up by the sound of rustling in a nearby tent, the black bear...
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After rehab, sea lions released into the ocean

By Victoria Schlesinger

PHOTO ESSAY–Giving the phrase “release party” a whole new meaning, the Marine Mammal Center in the Marin Headlands set free four of its rehabilitated pinniped patients onto Rodeo Beach and ushered them toward the sea this weekend. Sea lions Soccer Mom, Rockon, Chance and Contador looked full of vigor and ready to take on...
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San Francisco’s official flower is in bounteous bloom

By Victoria Schlesinger

The Dahlia Dell, right next to the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, is in full bloom. Some 5oo clumps of the confetti-colored and, in some hybrids, gargantuan blooms fill a fenced oval plot east of the Conservatory.
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French radiation organization says exposure risks are no longer negligible

Just as farmers markets are swinging into full bloom, there’s very disturbing news about radiation from Japan reaching new levels in Europe. And if...
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Super graph on normal and abnormal radiation exposures

Did you know that sleeping next to someone blitzes you with 0.05 millionth of a sievert of radiation per night? That eating a banana...
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UC Berkeley study: Using fear backfires on climate change

It’s been a point of maddening frustration for scientists and environmentalists that as the predictions on global warming grow more dire, the public seems...
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