Sebastopol may ban Smart Meters

By Alison Hawkes

Sebastopol in Sonoma County is a hotbed of anti-Smart Meter activism. With two new members of the city council now in office, the political landscape may have changed enough that the town may ban the PG&E meters on Tuesday. Officials say that since other towns in the area have enacted bans, they are less worried about lawsuits against Sebastopol. It’s unclear how much influence a ban would have, since Smart Meter installation is within the jurisdiction of the California PUC. []

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One Response to Sebastopol may ban Smart Meters

  1. RobertWilliams on 02/14/2011 at 9:42 pm


    Only after cities and counties passed ordinances did PG&E start talking about opt-out from WIRELESS METER possibilities.

    Before the ordinances, even with the dozens of letters from cities and counties and environmental and community groups, PG&E was not moved.

    Cities and Counties in Germany that resisted installation of Death Camps in their municipalities are given credit for saving 100′s of thousands of lives during World War II.

    And those German cities and counties had way less power, jurisdiction and authority compared to the State they were resisting, than cities and counties here have resisting the PUC and PG&E.

    Show some Courage and Finesse people. Show some courage and Finesse elected City Council members and Supervisors.

    People get elected and all of a sudden they become rule bookkeepers instead of people with imagination and courage.

    When something is wrong – take a stand with the best tool that you have, and at this time ORDINANCE is the best, most powerful tool.

    And stick a rag in the attorney’s mouth that keeps warning of lawsuits. There are already SEVEN cities and counties with ORDINANCES.

    THE LAST THING PG&E wants is a lawsuit that will bring publicity to this issue and reveal the lies and deception that PG&E has been spewing for months now.

    PG&E Corporate is the lowest form of existence and the lowest level of morality in California, and a good competitor to take that same prize in the U.S.


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